LEWAS embarked on a new chapter and welcomed a very special initiative - GRWx, previously known as the Gulf Region Organization for Women by Saudi Aramco.

GRWx is a forum that connects corporations, educational institutes, service providers, individual women and men champions to build a collectively impactful model to enable the advancement of women and create opportunities through a coordinated effort that expedites and optimizes results to maximize business outcomes.
Under the MoU, LEWAS and GRWx will combine their offerings to put forward an even more robust GRWx offering to further develop the talent pipeline for women in the Middle East by joining forces with universities, organisations and governments to empower and embolden more women to grow into leadership roles.

LEWAS - GROW scripts new chapter in women empowerment

The Mission
To establish a collective impact ecosystem with a full lifecycle of support to strengthen women to advance their opportunities and contributions whilst enhancing company performance
The Vision
  • Support and Empower Women
  • Improve Company Performance
  • Enhance Contributions to Society
  • Robust Information Metrics and Benchmark
Support and Empower Women

Develop skills, capabilities and economic empowerment for women by providing a powerful network to help advance their economic standing. Creating opportunities to help women realize their dreams and develop into their full potential
Improve Company Performance

Optimize company performance, by creating a work environment where women thrive. Maximizing the many benefit women contribute, such as: diverse perspectives, improved productivity and revenue performance
Enhance Contributions to Society

Be a driving force to achieve the goals set in the Vision 2030; maximizing women’s contributions in society by providing programs specific to the vision and measuring success of those programs
Robust Information Metrics and Benchmarks

Implement a robust measurement program, conduct research, provide statistics to demonstrate progress and improvement opportunities. The information will be used to educate the public on the importance of women’s roles in society, strengthening the position of women in the Gulf Region.
For more information on GRWx, please contact Pamela Nazareth: pamela@e3-worldwide.com
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