LEWAS Over The Years

History of LEWAS
LEWAS launched at the 2nd edition of the Middle East Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition (MEPEC) for women in the oil and gas industry, Bahrain. In its first edition, 3 award categories were introduced.
After a successful first year, a LEWAS Committee was established.
This year held the 1st edition of LEWAS Workshops & Symposium.
The committee also agreed to increase the award categories from 3 to 7.
LEWAS introduced Exhibition & Networking as well as a new award category to its 4th edition - the LEWAS legend award. LEWAS also presented at the GDA International Downstream Conference & Exhibition, Bahrain.
In 2019, LEWAS exhibited at the 24th World Energy Congress and held its 3rd Symposium and Workshop.
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Due to the pandemic, LEWAS held its 1st Virtual Symposium & Awards, Workshops and STEM mentoring. This edition was also the first time that the event was open to all in the energy sector across the globe. LEWAS launched an web series initiative to celebrate women in energy who have shattered the glass ceiling called LEWAS Trailblazers.
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LEWAS held its 2nd Virtual Symposium and Workshops as well as an Awards Gala Dinner in Bahrain. Adding to the initiatives, LEWAS Amplified is a talk series that was launched to address issues that are underrepresented and less talked about.
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In its 8th edition, LEWAS addressed issues that are at the very heart of the energy industry. Held on 30 November 2022, the LEWAS Symposium and Awards Gala Dinner were held in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Additionally, LEWAS also held a virtual as well as in-person workshop, and published three Impact articles.
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In its 9th edition, LEWAS embarked on a new chapter and welcomed - GRWx, previously known as the Gulf Region Organization for Women by Saudi Aramco. GRWx connects corporations, educational institutes, service providers, individual women, and men champions to build an impactful model to enable the advancement of women and create opportunities to maximize business outcomes. The LEWAS Symposium and Awards were held in Saudi Arabia for the very first time from 21-22 November, the forum expanded into an exhibition, hosted 3 workshops,
2 masterclasses and launched a first of its kind wellness lounge.
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