Workshop: Interrupting Bias: Blindspots in Business

Interrupting Bias: Blindspots in Business

LEWAS GRWx Workshop - Interrupting Bias: Blindspots in Business is sponsored by Saudi Aramco

Bias is a big word, but very rarely do we talk about the sneaky ways it creeps into the way we see the world, our decision-making, and how we communicate. In this interactive session, you'll learn how to identify your blind spots and what to do about them and build a toolkit that will help you and your organizations create a more inclusive, inspiring, and innovative culture.

  • Workshop Objectives
    The objectives of the Interrupting Bias workshop include encouraging participants to understand where biases come from and how they influence how we see the world and make decisions. This workshop will also help participants build skills that help to interrupt these processes and build a more inclusive workplace.

  • Who Should Attend?
    This session is most appropriate for professionals, leaders, HR professionals, and decision-makers in organizations. While anyone can attend, the goal of this workshop is to help create and drive organizational culture changes by interrupting biases.
  • Key Takeaways
    • Understand the origin of Bias
    • Learn about the influence of bias on perception and decision-making
    • Equip participants with skills to interrupt bias processes effectively
    • Empower participants in building a more inclusive workplace
    • Thought leaders and champions will gain insight and tools to bring to their own work and be change-makers

Your Facilitators
  • Dr. Jennifer Shepard
    Diversity & Inclusion Specialist,
    Industrial & Organizational Psychologist
    Saudi Aramco

  • Katherine Sinex
    Founder and CEO
    Revilo Consulting Ltd.
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