Woman of Achievement Award

Applicable for female professionals with 15+ years of experience

A professional woman with a background in Science and/or Engineering with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry who has attained a high rank and utilised her position, influence, and expertise to break down gender bias and initiate positive changes for other women in the industry. She is an able leader who not only strives to build a successful career but also impacts the success of other women professionals and entrepreneurs in a significant way.

Should you need more information please write to speaker@e3-worldwide.com
  • 15+ years of experience in an energy/energy-related industry
  • Based in the Middle East
  • Science & Engineering background
  • Has/had a high position (key position holder) who has/had a significant impact on the company. Ideally defined as CEO or 1-2 levels from the CEO
  • Increased female hiring in the organisation (provide evidence)
  • Support advancement of women in the organisation
  • Published one or more papers
  • Technical speaking experience
  • Won one or more awards
  • Demonstrate at least 6 of the 8 skills of leadership through a recommendation (Creativity, Courage, Empowerment, Accountability, Collaboration, Communication, Decision Making, and Inspiration)

Please prepare the following documents in PDF, the system will not allow you to save your entry and complete it at a later stage. We recommend that you have all the listed documents available at the time of submission.

  • CV
  • Recommendation to explain your impact on the organisation
  • Recommendation to explain your impact as a role model in your field
  • Explanation of how you display the requested leadership skills
  • Examples/support of the advancement of women in the field and organisation
  • Examples of publishing papers, speaking at events and/or winning awards

  • Business Unit HR Partner/ Supervisor's Details
  • PR/Marketing Contact Details
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